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Easy way of transforming your postings...


HTML5-Canvas Type-Shooter Flash!


Yes you can use them...UTF-8 Multibyte Characters in URLs

check out John Crowforts Blog on this matter:
UTF-8 Multibyte Characters in URLs = ✓ - Joss Crowcroft

do you need new window blinds?

Vishal Gupta has everything you need to pimp up your windows->
Download Windows 7 Theme “SevenVG RTM” for Windows XP - Tweaking with Vishal

PHP Shorthand If / Else Examples


Larry's GDS Plugins / Ggoogle Desktop Search

Image - Larry's GDS Plugins
Despite Google has abandoned GDS it is still usefull for older OS's like my Windows XP.
With Larry's GDS Plugins it can still be very useful for some of you.

For sure you have at least one PC or Notebook and a mobile device...get productive and your browser in sync with:


How do you do your French homework? Do you use characters that aren't on your keyboard? If instant, simple accents and special characters is what you want, wherever you are in Windows then AX is just the very thing you need. And it's free.

AX - Instant, simple accents and special characters

works like a charm...eases my friend Noel's life with his project.

DIV TABLE: how to